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A Mother’s Trip To See Her Daughter

In 2021, Steve T. told this story about his grandmother

Vasiliki Kokmotos nee Vourdalás (Βουρδαλάς)(ΒΟΥΡΔΑΛΑΣ ) (1930s). Click to see larger version

My grandmother on my mother’s side Vasiliki Kokmotos would walk miles at night time above the Corinthian Sea to the village of Kallithea (Καλλιθέα).  

Efrosini Kokmotos, married Kostas Katharakis (1930s). Click to see larger version

Her daughter Efrosini lived there after she married Kostas Katharakis  and had 4 children.  My grandmother would walk up and down mountains and over the river to get there. That walk is 1000 m or 3000’ above sea level. It took 4 hours to make the [15 mile one way trip].  There were no roads:  only animal paths, rocks and rough terrain.  She walked at night because it was too hot during the day.  She took an olive oil burning lantern with glass to protect the flame.  She also took a walking stick.  When asked if she was afraid, she replied, “Who is going to whip my ass with a woman who holds a stick?”

The trip from Amygdalia to Kallithea today by foot. Click to see the full version