Family Tree

Plessa has an extensive family tree of the descendants who emigrated to the USA in the early 1900s. The tree does not show the name of living people. To access the tree you must:

  1. Sign up for a free account on Ancestry
  2. Contact us and give us the email account that you used to sign up on Ancestry.  We will send you a unique invite link so you can see the family tree

Because the Plessa family tree has been created from multiple sources and records, there may be gaps and errors. If you would like to correct or add more contact please email us.

Other Family Trees

The Spyros Chrysanthaki Family Tree (managed by Σπυρίδων Χρυσανθακης)  is perhaps the most well researched list of families from Plessa.

The Kontomichou (Κοντομίχου) family has a private family tree on MyHeritage that spans both Plessa and Vrailia (a town only a few miles from Plessa).

The  Kontogeorgos (Κοντογεώργος) Web Site, managed by Βαγγέλης Κοντογεώργος has a few names from Amygdalia: Pontikas (Ποντίκας) , Koutonia (Κουτονιά), and Bounou (Μπούνου)

The Raikos (Ραικος) family has a  public family tree on MyHeritage that contains names from Vrailia   Ex: Kontomichou (Κοντομίχου),  Malakasis (Μαλακάση), Tsimeka (Τσιμέκα), Papathanasiou (Παπαθανασίου)

The GLYFADA DORIDOS (ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ ΔΩΡΙΔΟΣ) family tree, managed by ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ ΔΩΡΙΔΟΣ has many names from the Fokida region

The Lourida family tree, managed by Dimitra Lourida, has names from Sotena and Amygdalia, KOUTSOMICHOS (ΚΟΥΤΣΟΜΙΧΟΣ),  Silantavo (Σιλάνταβο),  Vourdalas (Βουρδαλά)