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Kallithea – Another Lost Village

Many of the villages in Central Greece are depopulated or have minimal population.

In 2021, Steve T reminisced about Kallithea, a small time 15 miles southwest of his home village, Amygdalia.

“My aunt Efrosini Kokmotos married a man named Kosta Katharakis  and they moved to his village Kallithea. The town has only 8 people now.  Years ago it had about 600 people and they even held court there for those that had wronged someone such as animals on other person’s property.  Each year they hold a “goat festival”.  They roast about 10 goats and everyone comes to eat. There is a very big, old, tree in town. They are like oak trees but not oak trees.  They like water.  It takes about 10 people with outspread arms to wrap around that big tree.

Plessa has three of those big, old, trees too.  One was close to my old house and another in the central area by the coffee shops.”

You can see a video of Kallithea and the surrounding area here

Kallithea plane tree in summer                                                     Kallithea plane tree in winter