The Marvels of Chicken Fat

In 2021, Steve T reminisced about some of the injuries he and his family treated in Plessa:

“When my grandmother, on his mother’s side, Vasiliki  Kokmotos (born Vourdalás (Βουρδαλάς) (ΒΟΥΡΔΑΛΑΣ )  was young, during the war, there was an explosion of shrapnel and it hit her in the stomach and went right through her. The Italians were shooting off their cannons and guns at the village.  My grandmother was carrying her nephew on her back at the time. He did not receive any injury.  Her husband, Panagiotis Kokmotos, quickly butchered a chicken and used the chicken fat on the wounds* and the wounds healed.

I also got a knife cut when I was 4 years old that his grandfather Panagiotis Kokmotos  healed with chicken fat. I cut my hand when my brother Peter, had the knife by its handle and I had the hand made case it went it.  I wanted to see the knife and Peter pulled back. My grandfather had to tie my finger back together wrapped in the raw chicken fat.  The knife was clean so there was no infection. I still has a scar on my finger from that cut.

Then there was the time I  was running home from school in Plessa.  It is all downhill.  That day it was raining.  I was about ten years old when I went flying into a rock and fell, hitting my  head.  There were always rock walls in Plessa. I still have a scar on his forehead from that accident.”

*Animal fat has been used, often with honey, as an antiseptic and barrier against bacteria.

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